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Save space with your fridge

Fisher & Paykel have already put a dishwasher in a drawer. Now the appliance maker is making the CoolDrawer--a refrigerator in a drawer.

If you need to save space in your kitchen, so far there have been limited options for refrigerators. In fact, the options have been pretty much minifridges and having one of those just makes us all think of college days. But Fisher & Paykel now has the CoolDrawer on sale. The CoolDrawer is a sleek, space-saving refrigerator that can be built into an island. And, yes, it is a fridge in a drawer.

Fisher & Paykel

The 36-inch CoolDrawer does a little more than you might expect when you hear the words "fridge in a drawer," though. It offers a variety of refrigeration modes, allowing you to go beyond refrigerator to standard freezer, chill drawer, and wine drawer. And if you do go the wine route, the CoolDrawer is flexible: you can set the perfect temperature for storing your wine and, just before dinner, change it to the perfect temperature for serving it.

If you want a CoolDrawer, you'll have to wait until October, when it will be available through major retailers. The expected price tag is $2,000. But, if you're putting together a unique kitchen design, the wait--and the price tag--will be worth it. You can have a wine drawer here, a vegetable crisper next to the stove, and a freezer on the far side of your kitchen island--there are plenty of options with the CoolDrawer.