Samsung NX5: Entry-level lens-swapper first picture

Samsung Germany has given us the first, official look at the second entry to the lens-swapping NX5. Say guten tag to the NX5

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Richard Trenholm

Samsung has revealed the second camera in its lens-swapping NX range. The NX5 is a 14-megapixel compact that lets you change lenses in different situations, like a dSLR, only smaller and lighter.

The NX5 takes on the established Micro Four Thirds format developed by Panasonic and Olympus. We were initially underwhelmed by the NX system's lack of panache, arriving well after Micro Four Thirds and with little of the glitz of Sony's similar NEX system. But we were pleasantly surprised by the NX10's performance, with the format's large APS-C large sensor doing a bang-up job beneath the unimaginative exterior.

The NX5 is equally conservative in looks, and replaces the NX10's AMOLED screen with a 76mm (3-inch) LCD. It also wins points for bucking the trend of leaving out viewfinder and flash, packing an electronic viewfinder and pop-up flash.

The NX5 was announced by Samsung Germany, so we're waiting on UK pricing and availability from Samsung's boys and girls here in Blighty. In Germany, the NX5 will cost around €700 (£585). Tempted?