Samsung NV range: three more contestants for Camera Idol

The digital cameras in Samsung's new NV range are dressed in all the latest technology... but are they ready to face the harsh words of our <em>Camera Idol</em> judges?

Mary Lojkine
2 min read

Breathless announcer: So, we're backstage at the auditions for this year's Camera Idol. The next three contestants all come from Samsung's New Vision (NV) range of premium compacts. I'm not sure whether the looky-likey approach is going to help them at this stage -- they're all slim, they're all in dark suits and they're all wearing blue rings around their lenses. Let's find out whether the ultracompact NV3 (£229), compact NV10 (£279) and superzoom NV7 OPS (£299) can impress our three judges.

NV3: Hi, I'm the NV3, and I'm not just a teeny-weeny camera, I'm a personal media player. I can show videos on my 64mm (2.5-inch) screen! I've got built-in stereo speakers on the top! Look! Listen! You can play music while you take pictures using my 3x optical zoom lens and 7.2-megapixel sensor!

Snarky judge: You're really annoying, aren't you, with your tinny speakers jangling away in the back of the bus. Just shut up and take pictures. Next!

NV7 OPS: I'm the NV7 OPS and I'm taking this seriously. Those extra letters mean I've got Optical Picture Stabilisation (aka image stabilisation), and I need it, because this big lens you see here, it's got 7x optical zoom. And I've got a 7.2-megapixel sensor, so I'm seven-by-seven. And yet I'm still so slim, in a slim-body-with-a-big-lens kind of way. I've got that whole retro thing going on… but not on the inside, I've got all the latest technology on the inside. I've even got a cool interface that's a little bit touch sensitive, a little bit clicky buttons. The big lens is what I'm about, though. That's me.

Easily offended judge: You wouldn't be compensating for something, would you? With the lens and all? Come back when you've made your mind up: are you slim, or superzoom? Next!

NV10: Well, I dunno, I guess I have more pixels than the others, with my 10.1-megapixel sensor. I'm slim, but I'm not scary skinny -- you can still get a grip on me. I've got the big 64mm (2.5-inch) LCD, the 3x optical zoom, and the same stroke-me, click-me interface as the NV7 OPS, but I'm not trying to make a statement. I'm your basic easy-going, go-anywhere compact… I'm just slimmer than most, that's all.

Not quite so snarky (but almost) judge: Stop mumbling in the corner! You've got potential, but you've got to start believing in yourself. How can people take you into their hearts when you don't speak up?

Breathless announcer: Well, that's all we have time for now, but tune in to the Reviews channel in a few weeks' time for full updates on our brave contestants. -ML