Samsung HMX-U10: 10-meg-snappin' HD-shootin' minicam

Samsung is the biggest name to take a crack at the budget camcorder market with the Flip-baiting HMX-U10, which is keen for you to know it can take 10-megapixel stills

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Richard Trenholm

Samsung becomes the biggest name to throw its hat into the mini-camcorder ring today with the anouncement of the HMX-U10. It's a candybar-shaped, high-definition camcorder with YouTube upload that takes whopping 10-megapixel stills.

Samsung has form at producing affordable, teeny-tiny camcorders such as the MX20, so we have high hopes for the U10. It offers 'Full HD' 1,920x1,080-pixel recording to a 1/2.3 inch CMOS in an angled 15mm-thick frame. Around the back there's a 51mm (2-inch) screen and dedicated YouTube upload button.

Up until now, the most established name in the mini-camcorder market has been camera maker Kodak, coming out of left-field with the Zx1. Sony has the Webbie in the States, while the Creative Vado HD has at least made it over here. But the mini-camcorder to rule them all remains Flip, with the Flip Video MinoHD and its ilk currently occupying four of the top ten spots in the Amazon bestseller list.

Weighing in at 95g including rechargeable battery, the Samsung HMX-U10 will hit shops in September. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.