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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 panel pic points to even bigger screen

The Galaxy Note 2 will have an even more massive 5.5-inch display, if this leaked snap is to be believed.

A leaked snap that supposedly shows the front panel of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 2 has appeared online, indicating that the follow-up to Samsung's monolithic mobile will have an even bigger screen.

Update: Know Your Mobile has been sent another photo purporting to show the Note 2, which looks like it broadly matches the above picture, as well as teasing Note 10.1-style silver edging around the sides of the phone. Check it out below:

French-language site NowhereElse was sent the snap, which shows the front part of a gigantic mystery mobile along with a helpful ruler. The measurement looks to be 14cm or just a little over, which tips a display that clocks in at 5.5 inches on the diagonal.

That matches earlier rumours that the Note 2 would sport an even more monumental 5.5-inch display, but contradicts another recent image from GSMArena that supposedly shows Samsung's new toy.

As you can see, the shape of the two frames don't quite match. The latter image certainly looks more in line with Samsung's existing devices, bearing round, Galaxy S3-esque corners, but there's nothing to stop Samsung opting for the more angular effect present in the latest leaked snap.

The Galaxy Note 2 will quite literally be Samsung's next big thing. The South Korean tech giant has already confirmed that we'll be seeing it on 29 August, so mark your calendars and head back at the appointed hour.

Expect it to be powered by a quad-core processor, and to play host to a stylus for idly doodling pictures of helicopters expressing yourself creatively.

If Samsung can get the Note 2 into shops in September, it might just beat the iPhone 5 onto the shelves, potentially giving it an advantage in its war against Apple.

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