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Samsung Android camera on the cards

Samsung is considering making a camera that uses the Android operating system, according to rumours online.

Samsung is considering an Android camera. Having mastered Android on phones and tablets with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2, a web-connected app-tastic camera could be on the cards.

Samsung bods are mulling using an open operating system for cameras, Engadget reports. While it's not been confirmed that Samsung is working on an actual Android camera, it seems the Korean gigantocorporation is considering it.

An Android snapper could make use of all the many cool camera apps already available for phones, only better -- thanks to a proper lens and sensor system.

Google's Android operating system isn't just for smart phones and tablets. In fact, it can power pretty much any kind of electrical device -- even a microwave, would you Adam and Eve it.

Two years ago we revealed that Samsung had met with phone network Three to discuss a 3G camera, but that clearly came to nothing because we haven't seen such a beast yet. Various Wi-Fi cameras are available, but we suspect 3G would have too much of an impact on a camera's battery. Among other things, cameras have more moving parts than a phone, so the power doesn't last as long.

Sony has also considered a 3G camera, but again it's come to nothing.

Sharing photos to friends or the web by picture message, email or social network is the best thing about camera phones, but unless you're packing something like the Sony Xperia S or iPhone, the quality isn't great. I've written before about how I'd like phones in cameras, not the other way around, so I'm very interested in the prospect of an Android camera.

It wouldn't be the first -- earlier this year saw the Polaroid SC1630 Android-powered camera take a bow. We weren't blown away at first glance, but Samsung has already mastered Android on its phones so a Samcam could be a very tasty proposition. Let me know whether the prospect appeals to you in the comments or on Facebook.