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Samsung adds a Windows RT tablet, the Ativ Tab

Some PC makers are shying away from RT, but Samsung is still showing up for the party.

Dan Ackerman Editorial Director / Computers and Gaming
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Dan Ackerman
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Samsung is one of a handful of PC makers embracing Windows RT, releasing some information about its upcoming Ativ Tab at IFA this week. This 10.1-inch tablet is different than the full Windows 8 tablets and touch-screen laptops we've already seen from Samsung. In fact, when we asked the company about its RT plans recently, the group responsible for Intel/AMD laptops brushed off the issue, telling us that some other division within the company was working on RT products.

Here's what Samsung had to say about the Ativ Tab at IFA:

The new Samsung Ativ Tab designed with a classy hairline finish, delivers a full Windows 8-based PC experience in a tablet world with superior mobility. With superb portability, weighing 570g , a 10.1" display, and measuring 8.9mm thick, the ATIV Tab is always ready to go. It instantly boos up without lagging and comes with Office home and student 2013 RT preview, which offer users a total flexibility and convenience across work and personal tasks. This allows users to open and create any document, make edits on it and share it with others just like we do with PCs. A 8,200 mAh battery provides enough power to allow you to work on your project and review or share them virtually anytime anywhere. Moreover, the ATIV Tab is compatible with a range of Windows-based PC devices and accessories including printers, keyboards, projectors, external monitors, and other peripherals by using its USB port and uHDMI without any hassle of installing extra software for it.

The announcement above is intended for European audiences, so we don't have any U.S. availability details yet, nor confirmation that this product will even be coming to the US at all (worth noting, as a few PC makers have quietly shelved their WinRT plans recently).