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Salvation 1: That mini helicopter off the telly

Flying stuff rules! Gawp as we dive-bomb our colleagues with the new Salvation 1 chopper, as featured on ITV1's Tycoon programme last night

Flying stuff rules! We had a ball with the Picooz (or the rofl-copter as we like to call it), bombed our co-workers with the Mini Bi-Plane (the lol-plane), and now our buddies at have sent us the Salvation 1.

It was featured on Tuesday night's episode of Tycoon -- a new ITV1 show where budding entrepreneurs live and work together to invent cool stuff. Salvation 1 was one of the coolest things on the show, so we had our people contact iwoot's people and badda bing, badda boom -- we got one for ourselves.

We're not the world's foremost experts on aviation, but the Salvation 1 is pretty good. Whereas the Picooz's speciality was flying erratically into innocent bystanders, it's possible to fly the Salvation 1 pretty much anywhere you want -- after some practice.

It uses two blades that rotate in opposite directions to generate lift and maintain aerial stability. The rear rotor blade is mounted horizontally instead of vertically, but that doesn't stop it from allowing easy left or right turns. Unlike most indoor helicopters, the Salvation 1 can be flown backwards and forwards.

The remote control is pretty special, too. It's huge, and though it's rather plasticky, both control sticks have two axes of movement, and separate trim adjusters. In effect, this gives you proper control over almost every aspect of the chopper's flight, which is important if you don't want to bang it into walls or passing executives.

We're off to practice a bit more before dive-bombing our managing director. Get yours from iwoot now for £50. -Rory Reid