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Salt-and-pepper mill looks good while grinding

The Prepology 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill offers push-button operation and features the ability to grind two must-have flavorings.

It won't take you to the moon--it's a salt and pepper grinder.
It won't take you to the moon--it's a salt and pepper grinder.

There is no denying that--even for those who never cook--salt and pepper are two kitchen essentials, whether they're in dedicated shakers or those little packets you get from take-out. As long as they are going to be mainstays in the kitchen, they might as well live in a distinctive (and easy-to-find) container.

Styled somewhat like a metal rocket toy from the 50s, the Prepology 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill gives these kitchen essentials a worthy home. Featuring more than just good looks, the mill delivers fresh flavor via the use of its ceramic grinding mechanism. The gadget stores peppercorns and rock salt in the see-through base and grinds on demand at the press of a button.

The ability to grind salt and/or pepper with one hand is certainly part of the appeal of this kitchen accessory. Having to stop in the middle of cooking to twist a grinder with two hands (or tearing open a packet to sprinkle over take-out as the case may be) can be awkward. The battery-operated mill may not be the fanciest item (although it does have LED lighting) in the kitchen, but the ability to get the job done at a press of a button makes it worthwhile.