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Safari 6 crashing in Mountain Lion

A rare combination of proxy settings and the popular password manager 1Password may result in Safari crashing.

Some Mac users who have upgraded to OS X 10.8 have found that Apple's Safari Web browser is crashing. From the crash reports it appears that the problem is rooted around the use of the password manager 1Password; however, upon further investigation the problem has been found to be on Apple's end.

The crashes only seem to happen for a small number of 1Password users, indicating that the problem is not a major bug in the program but rather a conflict with a specific configuration.

Proxy settings in OS X
Uncheck these two options in the OS X Proxy configuration for each of your used network ports to prevent the crash from occurring. Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET

After reports surfaced of the crashes, the 1Password development team investigated the issue and found that a bug exists in Mountain Lion's handling of proxy server configurations that can cause a crash for users of its software. Proxy settings are rarely needed for home users, and are instead used by corporations to provide network access to various online services.

If you are experiencing this problem, then there are two routes available that you can take. The first is to disable the automatic proxy discovery option in your network configuration. To do this, go to the Network system preferences and select your active network connection (it should have a green dot next to it). Then click the Advanced button and go to the Proxies tab. In this section, locate the "Auto Proxy Discovery" option and uncheck it. You might also need to uncheck the option for "Automatic Proxy Configuration."

If you do need your proxy settings, then the alternative option is to remove the 1Password extension from Safari until Apple fixes the proxy settings bug, which can be done in the Extensions section of the Safari preferences.

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