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rockdirect Pegasus 650: Dungeons & Dragons edition

Want to wow your nerd buddies at the next Comic-Con? Not afraid of being mugged by dweeb-hating jocks? Then get yourself one of these limited edition D&D laptops. Pwned!

Crave has a soft spot for roleplaying nerds. Sure, we're blinged-up tech superstars now, but once upon a time we had centre partings, lumberjack shirts and a selection of oddly shaped dice. A world of magic and large-chested Valkyries was somehow so much more appealing than a world of wedgies and sport-based humiliation.

So hurrah, then, for Atari and rockdirect, who've teamed up for this totally l33t gaming laptop, complete with lacquered Dungeons & Dragons artwork on the lid. It's an egregiously limited edition, with only 100 being made before the whole design is scrapped and the two companies go back to pretending they've never run around a damp forest in Essex, pretending to be orcs.

The laptop is 'celebrating' the release of Atari's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach massively multiplayer roleplaying game, a Web-based fantasy affair in the style of World of Warcraft. If you can't afford the laptop's £999 asking price (configurable on the rockdirect site), Atari is giving away three of the dweeby little beauties, along with a copy of the game, in a competition on its site. You'll need to register to enter, and be sure to answer their preposterously easy question before 7 May. Good luck to all you D&D geeks out there. Now, where did we put our d20? -NH