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Robots vs Humans video: Metal or muscle?

We compare the latest and greatest robots at CES with one sleep-deprived human. Who'll come out on top?

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Humans have had it good for the last few thousand years, ruling the spinning ball we call Earth with an iron fist. But we face new competition -- from robots.

Oh yes, these metallic marvels would like nothing more than to overthrow our puny human race, and their iron fists aren't metaphorical. But is there anything a robot can do that a human can't?

We journeyed to the CES trade show in Las Vegas to pit the world's most advanced robots against one sleep-deprived tech reporter. Hit play on the video above to see the results of our cruel investigation.

We've seen robots that can climb stairs and robots that use gyroscopic sensors to balance on a bicycle. Androids are becoming more impressive every day, but let's not forget humans are the ones that designed them, and perhaps we can still crush them if we need to.

What do you reckon? Will humans reign supreme for all time? Or is it only a matter of months before the angry androids smash our civilisation? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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