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Robotic bassinet rocks baby for you

The mamaRoo is a bassinet for baby that can be programmed with an app for a variety of soothing rocking motions.

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As any parent of a baby knows, once they start wailing, it can be really stressful trying to soothe them -- especially if for some reason you don't have any help at that time and have other things you need to get done.


This is where mamaRoo comes in. Originally launched in 2010, the mamaRoo is an automated bassinet, with several different rocking and bouncing motions to choose from. For 2015, this bassinet has had an overhaul, with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone control.

Other new features include a new LCD interface at the base of the seat, and a new heartbeat sound to play while the mamaRoo rocks, in addition to the nature sound suite the bassinet already featured. You can also plug in your smartphone or MP3 player to play your own MP3s through its speakers -- all of which can be controlled through the app, which also offers customer support.

"Through valuable insights gained from consumers, 4moms develops baby gear that addresses common pain points," said Rob Daley, CEO of mamaRoo creator 4moms. "Parents have been asking us for a remote, so they can adjust the mamaRoo without disturbing their baby while they rest or play. We've delivered that benefit with the new 4moms app."

The five motions are designed to mimic other natural motions baby might experience: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock A Bye and Wave; while a set of reversible toys hanging over the top of the bassinet (black-and-white on one side, colours on the other) will help distract them.

The app is free for iOS and Android (although in the US only at this point in time), and the mamaRoo bassinet starts off at $239.99 for the more basic options and $269.99 for the more colourful ones.