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Robohand unveils 3D-printed robotic leg

The creator of a low-cost, 3D-printed robotic hand has taken the next logical step, unveiling its prototype for a low-cost, 3D-printed robotic leg.


Even before the very first prototype was finished, carpenter Richard Van As was committed to helping amputees who couldn't afford the available robotic prosthetics, which often run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Since that time, Van As, operating under the name Robohand, have created a robotic 3D-printed hand, a robotic 3D-printed finger (the Robofinger) and a robotic 3D-printed arm (the Roboarm), providing them at low cost to over 200 people around the world.

Now, he's taken another step forward -- quite literally -- with the Roboleg, unveiled on the Robohand Facebook page.

Because it bears weight, the leg needs to be a lot sturdier than the arms and hands. As such, it's made from a combination of metal and 3D printed parts, and, rather than the systems of cables and bungees that operate the arms and hands, the leg uses pneumatic pumps.

The Robohand team will be releasing more information soon. Like the Robohand, the 3D files and assembly instructions will be free to download from Thingiverse when testing on the Roboleg is complete.

For more information on Robohand, visit the Robohand website.