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Rise and shine to coffee <i>and</i> espresso

The DeLonghi Combi Coffee/Espresso Maker features a programmable timer and the option of coffee or espresso.

One of each, please. Crate & Barrel

Coffee drinkers know what they like. Walk into any coffee shop for a demonstration. As the line moves forward, patrons order their favorite beverages with more precision than that of a fine steak. Rare, medium, and well done are the basic gradations for steak; but when it comes to coffee, numbers come into play. In the past, one lump or two was suffice enough to determine coffee preferences. But in today's world, a dozen different sweeteners and creamers are available--not to mention temperature-specific preferences. As diverse as the world of coffee (and caffeine in general) has become, there is one basic question that comes before all the rest: to espresso or not?

The answer, of course, is both. The DeLonghi Combi Coffee/Espresso Maker offers the convenience of coffee and the robustness of espresso all in one package. Able to make a 10-cup pot of coffee or a four-cup pot of espresso, the coffeemaker caters to coffee lovers who love to have control over their caffeine fix. A strength selector helps users to find that perfect blend, while an integrated timer assures that the coffee or espresso will be ready when you want it to be.

The double carafe design allows for one handy machine to supply all your caffeinated needs. Features such as a removable water tank and an easy to clean detachable frothier complement the convenient nature of this machine. Add in an all-important pause function for those that cannot wait for the brew cycle to finish, and you have an all-in-one coffeemaker that delivers your preferred morning caffeine rush--no matter how you take it.