Return of the $79 Barnes & Noble Nook

It's a refurb, but so what? Barnes & Nobles packages it up like new and gives you a full one-year warranty. Too good to pass up!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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The Nook: Such a deal at $79 shipped.
The Nook: Such a deal at $79 shipped. Barnes and Noble

After yesterday's awesome deal sold out around mid-afternoon, I was looking for something a little more evergreen to post today--something that might last more than 4-5 hours. Well, this ain't it.

By way of eBay, Barnes & Noble is selling the refurbished Nook Wi-Fi e-reader for $79 shipped. Although the "auction" has more than five days left on it, there's a very good chance these will sell out sooner--like, maybe, today.

The Nook, of course, is B&N's answer to the Kindle, and many would say it's the better e-reader of the two. It not only sports a color touch-screen pad that sits below the main e-ink screen, but also supports the popular EPUB format--meaning you can check out free e-books from public libraries (among other sources).

Beyond that, I'll let you read CNET's review of the Nook for a more complete rundown.

Although this is a refurbished model, it comes with a one-year warranty. And it's provided in retail packaging, so it should be fairly indistinguishable from new. (That was true of the refurb Nook I bought for my brother-in-law a couple months go.)

As you may recall, I posted a similar deal a couple months ago--but that was from 1 Sale A Day, an outfit not everyone was thrilled with. This comes from B&N proper (though you do need an eBay account to take advantage of it). What's not to like?

Bonus deal: Students! Microsoft is once again offering you the chance to buy Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade Edition) for $29.99. All you need is a valid e-mail address from a valid educational institution.

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