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Return of the $179.99 22-inch LCD monitor -- now rebate-free!

Usually a price like this means a refurbished unit or big rebate, but this 22-incher is brand new and rebate-free. You even get free shipping.

You know I'm all about big monitors for small monies. has the Soyo DYLM2284 22-inch widescreen LCD on sale for $179.99. Oh, but it's a refurb, right? Wrong. So there's a big ol' rebate, then? Nope. But surely there's an exorbitant shipping charge? Nah. This is a new monitor, and $179.99 is your out-the-door price. Score!

This is the same Soyo that was selling for $199 plus shipping back in April, proving once again that cheap things come to those who wait. It has VGA and DVI inputs, built-in speakers, a 5ms response time (plenty low for games and movies), and a native resolution of 1680x1050.

I'm still not seeing a lot of reviews on this model (if you own one, speak up in the Comments!), but it looks like a solid choice for anyone seeking a screen upgrade (or addition: nothing beats two monitors) on the cheap.