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Read free magazines on the iPhone or Touch

Digital-magazine provider Zinio is giving iPhone and iPod Touch users free access to its new Mobile Newsstand. Flick a finger, read a magazine!


I've always loved e-books (I read 'em on my Palm), so I had more than a passing interest in Amazon's new Kindle gizmo (unboxed over at Crave). But $400?! Come on. And then I got to thinking: Man, Apple should really, really get into the e-book game. How cool would it be to flip pages by swiping a finger on the iPhone/iPod touch screen?

Until that glorious day arrives, Zinio Labs is offering free (for now) magazines for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The Zinio Mobile Newsstand includes titles like Car & Driver, Men's Health, and Popular Mechanics. Just point Safari to for exact replicas of the print editions, all of them interactive and shareable. Zinio doesn't say for how long these mobile goodies will be free, so read 'em while you can. [via jkOnTheRun]