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Razer shakes up gaming chairs with the haptic Enki Pro HyperSense at CES 2022

If your gaming chair doesn't vibrate, is it really a gaming chair at all?


The gaming chair arms race is heating up, with Razer's new Enki Pro HyperSense offering haptic feedback, using motors to shake the chair while you're gaming. 

According to Razer, the effects are not just limited to games, but also movies and music. Officially supported content, like F1 2021, Forza Horizon 5 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla get an enhanced experience, though almost anything that would trigger haptic feedback in a controller will work. 


Razer says it offers 65,000 haptic variations and tactile feedback of +/- 1 G-Force. At the most extreme, the seat will move 1.5 inches vertically or tilt backward. The mechanism is designed by D-Box, a company that makes haptic hardware for theme parks and simulations.

The HyperSense is based on the existing Enki gaming chair, which has a 22-inch seat base, 100-degree shoulder arches and built-in lumbar support. The big unanswered questions right now are the weight of the chair and if -- or how much -- assembly is needed.

Unlike the Concept Sophia gaming desk from Razer, this product will actually be available to buy, although we don't yet have a release date or price. If you're looking for a more analog seating experience, check out our updated list of the best gaming chairs