Raspberry Pi Model B doubles its RAM, out today

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer is getting beefier, at no extra cost.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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British-made microcomputer Raspberry Pi has been beefed up, with the teeny-tiny PC boasting twice the RAM of its predecessor, at no extra cost.

The 'Model B' Pi weighs in with a honking 512MB of memory, putting it leagues ahead of its earlier iteration, which laid claim to a mere 256MB of the good stuff. The difference will be felt when it comes to running several programs at the same time, with the extra memory keeping the minuscule machine on top of proceedings.

Writing on its official blog, the folk behind Raspberry Pi explain that the memory-addled Model B units are being shipped as of this morning, and that if you had an existing order for the 256MB option, you'll receive the upgraded unit in its place. Boffo, as we say in Hollywood.

The blog mentions that extra RAM could make the Pi a useful embedded system (ie, a computer designed for a specific task rather than one that runs all sorts of programs), in cases where 256MB isn't quite enough memory.

Raspberry Pi recently shifted production to the UK, with the bulk of the £26 computer's production shifted from China to a Sony-owned factory in Wales.

Google's Eric Schmidt has opined that the tiddly tech titan could have the same influence on young programmers as the fondly remembered BBC Micro.

If you're not a child business prodigy in the making, you can still have fun with the Pi if you're feeling technically ambitious -- check out our guide on turning this little gadget into a dirt-cheap media centre.

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