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Raspberry Pi getting Android 4.0, media player jollies ahoy

Super-budget micro computer Raspberry Pi is going to get a taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Raspberry Pi, the shockingly affordable mini-computer, is getting a dose of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that could make it easier to use as a dirt-cheap media player.

On the Pi's official blog, its creators explain that the tiny computer, which is usually found running Linux, has Android hardware acceleration and graphics already running smoothly, with native audio software Audio Flinger the only major missing piece.

Comments on the blog post hint that Google's robot-powered software could be available for Raspberry Pi within a month. There's already a video of the software running on the teeny computer.

Available to snap up for a meagre £25 and sporting HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports, Raspberry Pi already makes a cracking little media centre if you're looking for something to plug into your telly that takes up hardly any space.

I reckon having Android on board could boost those credentials significantly, with the ability to get Google's accessible interface (and apps) running on the Pi potentially making it dead simple to use.

If you're keen to set your Raspberry Pi up as a miniature video box immediately, then check out our in-depth walkthrough on doing just that.

Raspberry Pi was plagued by supply issues when it came out, which meant despite its wallet-friendly appeal many eager geeks struggled to get their hands on one. The tiny machine is now open for unlimited orders however, and counts Google chairman Eric Schmidt among its fans, who reckons it could have the same impact on young programmers as the BBC Micro.

For everything you need to know about Raspberry Pi, which is so basic it doesn't even come with its own casing, observe our introductory video below.

Are you a Pi-owner? What do you think of the mini-PC? Let me know how you're using yours in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.

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