Rapiro Raspberry Pi robot is 3D-printed to be the cutest

Meet Rapiro: the Kickstarter-backed, Raspberry Pi-powered robot friend, 3D-printed for maximum cuteness.

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Meet Rapiro: the Raspberry Pi-powered robot friend you build yourself, 3D-printed for maximum cuteness and looking for backing on Kickstarter.

Rapiro -- Raspberry Pi Robot, geddit? -- is a cute little humanoid robot, which you build from parts including servo motors and light-up LED eyes. You only need a screwdriver to build it, so it's a fun project for younger robot fans too.

There are 12 servos helping Rapiro bustle about, in the neck, waist, legs and arms. Rapiro can walk, hold a pen, and turn its head and waist.

It's controlled by the tiny Raspberry Pi, the British-built no-frills computer that you can use to power your own gadgets. You have to buy the Raspberry Pi separately, incidentally, but it costs less than a round of drinks, so we'll forgive our little plastic buddy.

You can also add the Raspberry Pi camera module into the little mechanoid's head to take pictures. Plug in a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi dongle and you could control Rapiro with your phone.

You can donate to the Kickstarter campaign for as little as £1, but the full robot kit starts at £200. If the campaign is successful, Rapiro will be delivered in December. Pledge more than five grand and you get your own custom-designed, 3D-printed Rapiro.

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