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Quicksnap ice tray pops out one cube at a time

Put an end to wayward ice cubes, by releasing them out of the tray one at a time with Quicksnap.

Why didn't I think of that?
Graeme Davies

As the day of the big game draws closer, households everywhere are planning menus, inviting guests, and figuring out just how many TVs it takes to actually host a successful Super Bowl party. However, some of us prefer to keep things a bit less extravagant, instead opting for a small gathering as opposed to an all-out affair. Years of study (42 to be exact) have shown that the optimum number of invitees for a Super Bowl party is eight people. Large screen or small, this number (which coincides nicely with the amount of previous games) is scientifically proven (or arbitrarily decided upon by me) to make for the absolute most perfect Super Sunday.

No matter the size of the party, drinks will be served. While chances are that a good amount of bottled and canned beer will be consumed, the demand for drinks in a glass will always be high. Which can only mean one thing: ice cubes. For those of you who eschew the data and opt for a small gathering of less than eight guests, having tons of ice won't be an issue. But what to do when making one drink at a time? Well, it looks like the age-old problem of popping out single cubes of ice from a tray might finally be solved. And don't try to tell me you're not familiar with ice cubes popping all over the place when you only want one or two.

Finally, we can be saved from this crucial problem with the Quicksnap ice tray. A bona fide "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" gadget, the tray design has slider levels underneath that allow for easy removal of one ice cube at a time. No more stray ice cubes scuttling across the floor. Designed by Graeme Davies for the RCA Toyota iQ Competition, the tray is perfect for those small get-togethers that don't require a big bucket of ice. At least until the game is over and somebody gets a Gatorade bath, that is.