Meta's Quest Pro Gives a Glimpse Into the Future of Work

The company says its mixed-reality headset can be used for actual work, so I tested it out.

Justin Eastzer Former Senior Video Producer
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Justin Eastzer

Imagine sitting down at your empty work desk, putting on a pair of glasses and seeing an array of computer screens and controls projected around you. With Meta's Quest Pro mixed-reality headset, I did just that and experienced an early, impressive version of this future. 

Using the Quest Pro within Meta's virtual office, called Horizon Workrooms, I could project three digital monitors and see a digital representation of my keyboard. I could have a productive work experience researching and writing in both digital environments or my actual surroundings using Passthrough. I could also invite colleagues via video and VR avatars to discuss projects and get their takes on this technology.

To see how the Quest Pro works with Horizon Workrooms and how it feels to hold meetings in VR, check out the video above.

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