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Put your stamp on your rolls

Turn every day rolls into a kaiser roll with the Kaiser Roll Stamp.

The Kaiser Stamp Roll
King Arthur Flour

It's easy enough to put together a batch of rolls, but I've always wanted to make my own kaiser rolls. The pattern on top of kaiser rolls had me stumped, though: how exactly did bakers make it? It turns out that the swirl is easy to duplicate, as long as you have a Kaiser Roll Stamp. You just make your roll dough as you would normally and, before you leave the rolls to rise, stamp each bun with the Kaiser Roll Stamp. Your rolls will rise with a swirled pattern across the top with next to no extra work. You can actually make kaiser rolls out of a variety of doughs: rye kaiser rolls are one of my favorites, although a basic bun recipe works just as well.

The Kaiser Roll Stamp is acrylic and can go through the dishwasher. It's relatively simple, with a grip on top and a reversed swirl pattern on the other side. You do have to push the Kaiser Roll Stamp firmly into the dough to leave an impression that will last through both rising and baking, but the process is fast, even for a full batch of buns. It's available from King Arthur Flour for $8.95.