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Put stinky trash on ice

Minus concept trash can plans to eradicate garbage stench by keeping waste at subzero temperatures

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If you live in an apartment like mine, you need to take extra precautions against critters in the kitchen. Especially during summer, the creepy crawly things that usually stick to the outdoors love to come inside. I keep a pretty neat kitchen space, but every once in a while, even my obsession with cleanliness is no match for bugs and bacteria. And in the war against the kitchen mess, the garbage can is my biggest opponent.

Just yesterday, I had to throw away a can of trash that was particularly stinky. If I can smell my trash, I can only imagine the kinds of critters living nearby that can smell it too. Under normal circumstances, I like to wait until the can is full to dump it, but when the smell is too overwhelming, waiting it out until the can fills up is impossible (or at least uncomfortable).

Turkish designer Cem Tutuncuoglu has apparently heard my cries of distress over my prematurely smelly piles of trash and has mercifully come up with the design for the Minus Frozen Garbage Container. The Minus prevents smelly bacteria from forming in your trash can by keeping the chamber below zero degrees, too cold for bacteria to grow. It consists of two cooler grills on the sides of the can and an antibacterial blue light, creating an environment so microbe-unfriendly that not even the most sensitive of noses can detect it. It also has a chrome interior that prevents bacteria formation, and an interface on the cap that allows you to control the temperature.

Even though it's only a concept for now, the Minus is a glowing blue light at the end of the tunnel for people who hate stinky trash like me.