PS5 teardown gives detailed look at next-gen console

Sony pulls apart a PlayStation 5 in an official video.

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PlayStation engineer Yasuhiro Ootori revealed all of the PS5's internal parts.

PlayStation/Screenshot by Sean Keane/CNET

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With the PS5's Nov. 12 launch just weeks away, Sony tantalized us with a close look at its next-gen console on Wednesday. In a teardown video, PlayStation engineer Yasuhiro Ootori highlighted the massive PS5's exterior before pulling it apart in a lovely, PS5-white room.

Since Ootori speaks Japanese as he explains each part of the console, you may want to turn on closed captions for this video. 

"We felt it was inevitable to make a generational leap in terms of performance in order to deliver a new, next-generation gaming experience," Sony's Masayasu Ito wrote in an accompanying blog post. "However, to do so, we had to balance every aspect of the system, from focusing on reducing the noise level to enhancing the cooling capacity, more than ever before."

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Both Ootori and Ito emphasized the console's relative quietness compared to the infamously loud PS4. There are three USB Type-A ports (one on the front and two of the back) and one Type-C port on the front. Ootori also highlighted the air vents on the machine's front and the exhaust port stretched across its "entire rear side," before opening it up and looking at each component.

The model he examined was the more expensive $500 one, which includes an optical drive. If you're not interested in physical media, there's a $400 digital-only model.

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