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Print your own specialty paper

The Printable Paper site offers free templates for hundreds of different papers, including columnar, graph, dot, and music.

Need a few sheets of graph paper? How about blank sheets of music? Dot paper? College-ruled? Before you run to the local office-supply store and pay for more than you need, head to the aptly named Printable Paper site. It's home to hundreds of paper templates you can download and print free of charge.

The PDF-formatted templates are divided into 10 different categories, including graph, lined, music, legal, and ledger. Within each category you'll find multiple selections. Music paper, for example, is available with anywhere from four to 16 staves in both portrait and landscape orientations. The only catch, if you can call it that, is that each template has a tiny "Printable Paper" logo stamped in the lower corner.

Obviously there is some cost involved here: your own consumables (paper and ink/toner). If you need a ream's worth of specialty sheets, you're obviously better off buying them. But if you just need a few sheets, this is an incredibly quick, convenient, and cheap way to go.