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Print, scan, and copy with $34 all-in-one

Wal-Mart has the HP DeskJet F2110 multifunction printer for a crazy-low $34. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay shipping or sales tax as well.


Ooh! Here's what you can do with the $34 you save on the iPod touch. (See previous post.) Wal-Mart has the HP DeskJet F2110 all-in-one printer for exactly that price, though you will have to pay shipping and/or sales tax.

The F2110 prints, scans, and copies in color. It features a 100-sheet input tray and works with Windows and Mac systems. You can find the complete specs on the product page--and almost nowhere else. Curiously, this model doesn't appear on HP's own site. Too new? Maybe a Wal-Mart exclusive? I'm not sure, but I can handle a little mystery in exchange for a $34 multifunction printer! For what it's worth, 171 Wal-Mart shoppers rated the F2110 4 stars out of 5 on average.