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Price Watch: PC Blu-ray drive, $79.99 shipped

Trick out your media center with this dirt-cheap Blu-ray Disc drive. Newegg has the nonrefurb deal, for the Sony Optiarc internal drive.

Get a new Sony Blu-ray drive for just $80 shipped.

Remember the $89.99 Blu-ray Disc drive from last week? Hope you waited, because here's an even better deal: Newegg has the Sony Optiarc internal Blu-ray drive for $79.99 shipped. Plus, unlike the previous drive, this is new, not a refurb.

Same caveats as before: It's a serial drive, meaning that you'll need a system with a SATA interface. You'll also need a video card and monitor that support HDCP; otherwise, Blu-ray's copy protection will prevent movies from playing.

Alas, Sony bundles no software for viewing said movies, so you'll need to earmark some funds for a program like Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 Ultra. (If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative, hit the Comments, and name it!)

Gotta run--today's a travel day for me. Happy bargain shopping!