Preorder an iPhone 6 with a pink diamond for $48.5 million

All other new iPhones will pale in comparison to the Falcon luxury iPhone 6, a gold-plated beast with a massive rock attached to the back.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Falcon iPhone 6
Who needs subtle? Falcon

Why would you pay $4,500 to preorder a 24-karat-gold iPhone 6 when you could pay $48.5 million to preorder a rose-gold iPhone 6 with a honking pink diamond on the back? All your friends who smugly show off their plebeian Brikk gold iPhones will be envious beyond belief when you whip out your diamond-encrusted Falcon iPhone and flash the stunning radiant-cut diamond at them as you take a call.

If the rose gold doesn't appeal to your expensive sensibilities, then you can buy the same phone with either a platinum or 24-karat-gold coating for the same price. Naturally, you will also want to buy the matching $300,000 earpods. These wonders come courtesy of Falcon, a US luxury brand that's offering increasingly absurdly priced bling versions of the iPhone 6 before the flagship smartphone has even been announced.

Speculation is running rampant that Apple might unveil an iPhone 6 with a scratch-proof sapphire screen at its special event on September 9. More recently, some analysts have been downplaying the idea, saying the feature won't be found on the new crop of iPhones. Don't worry, you can still be one of the first to have a sapphire iPhone. Falcon offers an iPhone 6 with a blue sapphire on the back for a mere $4.75 million, you cheapskate.

Falcon's Bespoke collection includes your choice of a black diamond, sapphire, emerald-cut diamond, emerald, or Burmese ruby. These aren't subtle stones. They're massive rocks designed to draw the eye of everyone around you.

The Bespoke collection, which tops out at $4.75 million, is the company's second string. The top-of-the-line phones are found in the SuperNova collection, which starts at $32.5 million for a blue diamond, steps up to $42.5 million for an orange diamond, and then reaches a pinnacle of excess with the pink diamond.

Falcon requires a 50 percent deposit when you order your phone and says your blingy-bling-bling version will ship to you within 10 weeks of the iPhone 6's official release. This wait shouldn't be a problem, since you're obviously wealthy enough to buy yourself a 10-pack of regular iPhone 6'es to tide you over until your real phone arrives.

There's no word on what Gazelle might offer you in trade-in value for your Falcon SuperNova iPhone 6 next year when the iPhone 7 is announced., but you could always just pry off the pink diamond and super-glue it to your next phone.

Falcon pink-diamond iPhone 6
This is Falcon's concept of what the iPhone 6 will look like (blinged out). Falcon

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