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Portion control bowls for easy eating

Like to measure out your food before you eat it to ensure you're actually ingesting the recommended serving size? Me, too. Like washing extra dishes? Neither do I.

Perfectly measured portions, no extra mess. Measure Up Bowl

Dieting is hard enough if you're a reality show contestant with a personal chef and a trainer at your beck and call. For those of us left to our own devices in ordinary kitchens, we've got to remove every possible obstacle if we're going to meet our goals. That's where products like the Measure Up Bowls come in. These microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain portion bowls keep you on track by letting you serve proper portions right in the bowl you're eating from. Nothing extra to wash, and you can simply eat--and enjoy.

The bowls come in two sizes. The larger offers markings for premeasured servings of a half cup to two cups of pasta, rice, chili, soup, cereal, or anything else you eat in a bowl. The smaller size lets you choose a quarter-cup, half-cup, or three quarters of a cup of high-fat, calorie-dense foods such as chips or ice cream. They're a little pricey--the set of two runs $30--but if you're trying to make permanent changes in your eating habits, they may be a good investment.