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Portable induction cooking

Now that induction cooking has made its mark on kitchens, it's ready to tackle the rest of the world in a portable package.

A pan of shrimp cooking on the Fagor portable induction cooktop.
A compact portable cooktop can add a classy touch to your backyard or beach party.

Ah, summer vacation. That glorious time of year when we pack up the kids and get out to experience nature. And nature decides to give us the full experience by providing nonstop rain. Just picture yourself, trying to heat up a can of beans on your portable gas grill. Brings a tear to the eye--or in my case, outright sobbing.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Fagor's new portable induction cooktop offers a convenient solution for family vacations, dorms, guesthouses, or simply additional cook space for holiday meals. Induction cooking uses less energy than other methods of cooking, making it an eco-friendly choice. It's also safe for small spaces and homes with children, because it doesn't produce flames, smoke, or gas emissions. And it's faster than other types of cooking as well, so you can get those beans baked and get out of the rain already.

Wondering how exactly induction cooktops work? Here's a quick overview: The cooktop has a series of burners--induction coils--that generates a magnetic field that inducts a warming reaction in steel- and iron-based pots and pans. So the cooktop itself stays cool to the touch, and the pot heats the food. Messy chefs, rejoice! Spills won't stick, and you can clean them up right away instead of waiting for the surface to cool.

At 8 pounds, the Fagor cooktop is truly a portable piece of equipment. It has built-in safety features, including a child safety lock and automatic shutoff for extra peace of mind. And it looks good enough to take a place of honor in the center of your kitchen--or your table.

So, pack up your kids, and take a small piece of your kitchen with you on your next camping trip. As for me, well, I still prefer my nature in the form of a television special that I watch from the comfort of my hotel room. But I'd like to try this cooktop at a backyard barbecue.