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Polly wants a snapper: Parrot Photo Viewer

Are your loved ones trapped inside your mobile phone or on your hard drive? Free them with this funky Bluetooth-enabled photo viewer from Parrot

We hooked up with our contacts at Parrot last night and, between sips of rosé, the lovely Jenny handed us this rather intriguing gizmo: the Parrot Photo Viewer.

It's essentially a picture frame with an 89mm (3.5-inch) 320x234-pixel TFT panel in the centre. It has 32MB of internal memory, which is enough to store around 100 images, and there's an integrated Bluetooth chip so you can transfer pictures from your mobile phone or PC without the hassle of cables.

It's a fantastic idea, but the implementation is by no means perfect. It's a little small, for a start, and the limited viewing angle of the screen means pictures are barely visible unless you're standing directly in front of the unit. Then there's the price -- 160 of your English pounds. Ouch.

It's a little over the top considering you can buy a wall-mountable 17-inch TFT for less money, but it's a funky product nonetheless. Find out more via Parrot's Web site. -RR