Pocket a 4GB flash drive for 10 bucks shipped (today only)

Here's a stylish-looking USB "thumb" drive for just $9.99, shipping included.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Act fast to score this 4GB flash drive for $9.99 shipped. SuperMediaStore

Some deals don't need much in the way of explanation, like the PQI i221 4GB USB flash drive. SuperMediaStore has it on sale, today only, for $9.99 with free ground shipping. 'Nuff said?

Well, maybe a few deets are in order. The drive "can use strap," whatever that means, and includes a three-mode LED status indicator. It's compatible with all operating systems and comes with a lifetime warranty.

I think the PQI looks cooler than most flash drives, though three reviewers on the SuperMediaStore site seriously disliked it, citing slow performance and an easily lost cap. Now, over at Meritline, where you can scoop up the same drive for $12.65 shipped, it got a five-star rating. And at Newegg ($11.99 plus $6.99 shipping, ouch), it averaged four stars. So I hereby give the drive my blessing, even if its cap does fall off.