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PNY Attaché Pro: Pen drive for the A-team

If you have big files, if no other pen drive will help and if you can afford it, maybe you can buy the Attaché Pro

Pens couldn't hold much before. Ink mostly, and even that regularly leaked out. Then came along the pen drive -- a shorter version that doesn't hold ink but stored a variety of information instead. But even then there were limits.

Fortunately for us, PNY doesn't care about such barriers and has brought us a pen drive with a hefty 4GB capacity -- the Attaché Pro.This amount of space will let you carry hundreds of high-res photos, music tracks or documents.

The Attaché Pro is no larger than most pen drives, weighing in at only 13g and measuring 20 by 80 by 11mm. It is USB 2.0 compatible and has a transfer rate of 17MBps for writing and 24MBps for reading.

Aimed at the business end of the market, PNY has also beefed up the security features. It has preloaded software that allows users to set a password, which people need to use to read or write information on the pen drive. We like that the security software is preinstalled, meaning there's no need to fiddle around with CDs.

The PNY Attaché Pro is available today for £101 at Zomp. -BJ