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Play (d'oh) with your pasta

The Viante Pasta Extruder brightens up old-timey classics. The countertop appliance can help prepare up to 14 types of pasta.

Sometimes it is OK to play with your food.
Sometimes it is OK to play with your food.

For a food that has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, pasta sure has aged well. From noodles in ancient China to lasagna at the Italian restaurant down the street, the starchy standard has been around the block, so to say. It is safe to say that pasta is old. But that doesn't mean it cannot still have fun.

The Viante Pasta Extruder offers not only an easy way to make fresh pasta at home, but it does so with a bit of fun. Similar to the iconic Play-Doh Fun Factory in that the device extrudes long, strands of material that eventually end up in the mouth. (Stop eating the Play-Doh, kids.) Like the aforementioned toy, the gadget features the capability to produce an end result in a variety of shapes and sizes. However unlike any toy, the pasta machine also mixes and kneads the dough.

An update on a model previously covered here, the new countertop appliance adds lasagnette, pasta del contadino, bucatini, and conchigliette rigate into the mix, bringing the total up to 14 varieties the machine is capable of producing.