Planet CNET Episode 19: Video tour of the giant Airbus A380

Watch Planet CNET episode 19 with a video tour of the new, giant Airbus A380, a test of the latest Eco-friendly Advent PC and French spy gadgets

The super-jumbo that's been on the telly lots, aka the Airbus A380, is finally in operation thanks to Singapore Airlines. The lucky folks down at CNET Australia have had a chance to take a look round one, with Ella Morton lounging on the double bed you can sleep in if you pay through the nose.

She also takes a good look at the entertainment options on offer -- on-demand video all the way, natch -- and the economy seats, which don’t look too bad. Now, if only we had some spare change for a flight.

Elsewhere, Rory puts his lab coat on and tests how credible Advent's eco-friendly claims are with its new Eco PC and the French office talk about a spy camera. See you next week!