Pixelbook Tablet? Keyboard maker may have leaked Google's Chrome OS slate

Perhaps we'll be seeing a "Made by Google" tablet on Oct. 9.

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Could this be a new "Made by Google" tablet?

About Chromebooks

Earlier in September, the internet spotted a clue that Google was adding Brydge detachable keyboard support to Chrome OS tablets. Since there aren't any Chrome OS tablets on the market to justify adding a third-party detachable keyboard, it got us wondering: Are new Google tablets on the way?

Now we may actually have a render of a new Google Chrome OS tablet on that very same Brydge keyboard. 

After digging through some Chrome OS code, About Chromebooks found references to a Brydge keyboard with the codename "Wallaby." It used that codename to find the images you see above and below, which reportedly show the Wallaby keyboard attached to an unnamed tablet -- possibly an unreleased device from Google.

The rendered tablet is shown running Chrome OS and has at least one USB-C port on its sides. If you look at the tablet from above, you may also notice an indented power button. Check it out below:


Check out that unusual power button on the side of the tablet.

About Chromebooks

That power button may double as a fingerprint scanner, according to About Chromebooks. The shape of the button and indentation seems to match a fingerprint scanning render spotted earlier in Chrome OS 70.

Due to the timing, the Chrome OS tablet may be announced at Google's Oct 9. event, possibly as the "Pixelbook Tablet," as suggested by the report, or with some other form of Google branding. Google is also rumored to announce the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones, and maybe a Pixelbook 2 at its event.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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