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Pixel Tablet: Google Teases This Mysterious Device Yet Again

The Pixel Tablet made an appearance alongside the Pixel 7 at Google's October event.

The front of the Pixel Tablet, with various app icons on the screen
A look at the front of the Pixel Tablet from May. Bezels? Yes.

Google really wants people to know it's working on a new tablet. After first revealing that it was working on a tablet back at its I/O developer conference in May, on Thursday at its Pixel event the company once again dropped some hints about the upcoming device. 

Unlike the metal Pixel 7 phones, the tablet will be built with a "nano-ceramic" coating that was "inspired" by porcelain. The body of the tablet is made from "100% recycled aluminum."

Back of the Pixel Tablet

The back of the Pixel Tablet.

Google/Screenshot by Eli Blumenthal/CNET

We still don't know much about the tablet, though Google has said it will be "premium" and arrive in 2023. It will run on Google's Tensor G2 processor, similar to the one that powers the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel Tablet Charging Dock

The Pixel Tablet's charging dock. 

Google/Screenshot by Eli Blumenthal/CNET

The device will have a charging speaker dock that connects magnetically to the back of the tablet, turning the Pixel Tablet into a detachable Nest Hub. When docked, the tablet can display photos or control your smart home with widgets or the Google Assistant. 

While it has teased some additional features, Google did not reveal pricing or a release date. The company did, however, reiterate that the tablet will go on sale next year.

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Is it more of a smart display than a laptop?

Google's preview made the tablet seem a lot more aimed at being a photo frame, smart home hub and video calling device than some sort of laptop alternative. No keyboard accessory was shown: instead, that magnetic charge dock seemed like the key way to keep the tablet in your home. (The Pixel Tablet isn't arriving until 2023, so more may be in the works.)

Performance: As good as Pixel 7, with extras?

Google's proposed uses for the tablet, which sounds powerful (it has the new Tensor G2 chip), sound similar to its Pixel phones. But Google emphasized apps being compatible with split-screen modes as well as being stylus-ready, which may be part of the reason for the tablet's further-off launch window. The wallpapers and design themes look Pixel-identical, suggesting that the Android feel on its tablet will be very similar this time around.

How much will it cost?

Price is unknown, and that's a big question here. If Google is trying to make this a casual home tablet, will it be priced accordingly? (The Nest Hub Max, for example, is $229.) Or, if it's aiming to be a more do-it-all device, will other accessories merit a price that lands it in the premium zone? It's hard to tell, and we may not know any more on that front until next year. If you've been dying to have a new Android tablet, however, you might want to wait for it.

Lisa Eadicicco contributed to this story.