Pint-size herb gardens, sans sunlight

Prepara Power Plant grow light helps you grow herbs indoors without direct sunlight or soil

Sur la table

Spring is almost here and stores are starting to carry herb seeds again. Every year, I plan to grow an herb garden, and every year something gets in the way of my dream. I had a parsley plant that kicked the bucket after a cat mistook the pot for a litter box; a basil plant that flowered and soon after grew some sort of white fungus; and a little pot of oregano that shriveled because of a shortage of light in the kitchen.

On my more frustrated days, I've vowed to abandon the idea of growing my own herbs, but with a gadget like the Prepara Power Plant Grow Light, I might not have to.

Designed to eliminate the need for soil and natural sunlight, the pot makes a perfect companion for a green-thumb challenged cooks like myself. You put seeds into the grow sponge inside the planter, add water, and nutrients are automatically dispensed to your little plant when they're most needed. The Prepara Power Plant gets rid of the guesswork of growing herbs, helping them grow 50 percent faster via the warm and humid environment of the growing chamber.

Also available is a pro model, which rotates the garden to ensure that your plant grows evenly on all sides.

The Prepara Power Plant Grow Light is available for $49.95 from Sur la Table. You can learn more about it on Prepara's Web site.