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Pick up a PlayStation 3 for $339.99 shipped

Finally, a discount on a PS3! But don't wait: The offer expires tomorrow.


This one's for you, MakaiOokami: Sony PlayStation 3 deals are few and far between, but Dell is currently selling PS3s for $339.99 shipped (with coupon code PWXNZVNDRWWX1P, which expires October 29 or after 3,000 uses). This isn't some old refurb, either: It's a new PS3 with an 80GB hard drive.

Needless to say, the PS3 is a killer gaming console, notable not just for state-of-the-art graphics and gaming but also for doubling as a Blu-ray player. I'll cop to being an Xbox 360 and Wii guy myself, but some of the stuff I've seen on the PS3 just blows me away. Only the high price has kept me from taking the plunge, and $339.99 is getting in the ballpark of what I consider reasonable.

Okay, console fans, let loose: Is this a good enough price for a PS3, or does Sony need to drop it closer to Xbox territory? In any case, I suspect we'll see more deals like this (and possibly a permanent price drop) as the holidays approach. (via Gizmodo)

Update: Remember the Sony Reader deal from a couple weeks ago? You got $150 off by applying for Sony's credit card. Well, you can use that same offer on a PS3 instead. Just add the PS3 to your cart for $399.99, then apply for the card and get an instant $150 credit. That brings your total down to $249.99. Beat that!