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Photos: Hands-on with the Toshiba Camileo Pro

The Toshiba Camileo Pro is a multi-function camcorder. For less than £150, you get a video camera, eBook reader, MP3 player and, best of all, a 7-megapixel stills camera

The Toshiba Camileo Pro has moseyed into Crave on a mission to prove that eight into one will go. This entry-level, lightweight digital camcorder packs in a whole heap of features. It's a video-shootin' still-snappin' webcammin' voice-recordin' MP3-playin' file-storin' eBook-readin' motion-detectin' eight shooter.

The Camileo also packs a magnificent 7-megapixel sensor, a rarity in camcorders. Could this mean that the Camileo will do away with the need for cowpokes to carry a camera in one holster and a camcorder in the other? Stick around for our review, pardners, ridin' your way hard.

The Toshiba Camileo Pro is available now for a very reasonable £135. Meantimes, click through the pictures to get a closer look at the Camileo. -Rich Trenholm

You activate the Camileo Pro by flipping out the 64mm (2.5-inch LCD) screen, which does the usual trick of inverting the image so you can see yourself when shooting MySpace-style.

The controls are straightforward. Flash, voice memo, self-timer and screen display options are controlled by the clickpad up yonder, with the record/shutter button atwixt them. Underneath there's a toggle between still and video. Beneath that is a thumb-level zoom rocker, playback button, and all the connections.

The Camileo packs 64MB memory into its saddlebags, and also takes SD cards. The pack includes a mini-tripod, although it's not as wacky as some of the tripods we've seen.

You'll have to watch how you hold the Camileo, as it's tempting to place your fingers on the textured flash at the front. The lens includes a 3x optical zoom, which doesn't sound like much for a camcorder. But remember you can crop stills thanks to that higher-than-usual resolution, and who needs a zoom anyway?

The Camileo also acts as a motion detector, filming for as long as it detects movement in its field of vision.