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Photokina 2012: predictions and rumours

What will be the hottest camera announcements at Photokina in Germany this year?

The world's biggest imaging and photographic show is held once every two years in Cologne, Germany.

(Credit: Photokina)

Photokina is the chance for camera manufacturers to show off brand new cameras and exciting products for the year ahead. Often, the show is used as the platform for some big announcements — think the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera in 2008 and the Fujifilm X100 in 2010.

Here are some of our predictions on what will be shown at Photokina, held from 18-23 September 2012.

Cheap full-frame SLRs

Now that Canon has finally entered the mirrorless interchangeable lens category with the EOS M, everyone is expecting some sort of announcement of a cheap full-frame camera. The rumour mill has been in overdrive over the past few months, with speculation that both Canon and Nikon will make a move into the space.

While "cheap" is somewhat of a relative term, it's more than possible that these cameras will come in under the US$2000 mark, if and when they hit shelves.

Fujifilm X200

(Credit: CBSi)

Fuji's X100 was one of the show-stoppers of the 2010 show, so it's no surprise that the company looks poised to announce the rangefinder-style's successor in 2012. The X100 has been seen as discontinued or heavily discounted on a number of retailer's websites, as well.

Speaking of all things Fuji, there's also a strong chance that the company will show off a new lower-priced X model to complement the X-Pro1. With a strong series of lenses already in the range, and plenty more to come, as featured on the lens roadmap, more X-series cameras are a strong possibility.

New Olympus Pen cameras

(Credit: CBSi)

Olympus has traditionally announced updates to its Pen series at this time of year. With a strong reception to the OM-D, successors to the lower-end Pens camera are bound to make an appearance.

Photographer Damian McGillicuddy has posted about working with a secret client, and has previously blogged about testing Olympus gear before it is announced.

Nikon announcements

(Credit: N-Photo)

Along with the regular raft of updates to the Coolpix line, we can expect to see a couple of show-stoppers on the Photokina floor. Most noticeably, the recently announced 800mm telephoto lens will be on show.

There's no real specs on the lens yet, apart from its focal length and aperture, so expect Nikon to use every opportunity to flaunt its size and stature. As is usually the case at photographic expos, an elevated area lets photographers get up close and personal to just about everyone in the vicinity, thanks to these telephoto lenses.

There has been little chatter about an update to the Nikon 1, though Nikon may still surprise us, come September.

Panasonic GH3

(Credit: CBSi)

It has been a very long time between drinks for poor old Panasonic's GH range. It's about time for an update, and it's likely that the GH3 will be announced before Photokina. Current speculation includes the addition of a battery grip, improvements to AF speed and weather sealing. Proving popular with indie film-makers, the GH range deserves an update to bring it into line with other Panasonic G-series cameras.

More Samsung NX cameras

(Credit: CBSi)

Photokina has traditionally been a place for Samsung to showcase its new technology, like the launch of the NX100 back in 2010. Hot off the rumour press this year is conjecture about a retro-styled NX camera. An image from Samsung shows a range of cameras that didn't leave the prototype stage. One that has apparently made it to final development is the NX-R (pictured in the middle of the linked photo), which may make its debut at Photokina.