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Phase One releases pro version of raw photo editor

Capture One Pro 4, at $399, offers customizability, built-in lens corrections, and more extensive tools for editing raw images.

Phase One Capture One 4 Pro offers selective color editing controls.
Phase One Capture One 4 Pro offers selective color editing controls. Phase One

Phase One has begun selling Capture One 4 Pro, the newest incarnation of the company's higher-end photo editing software.

The software is designed to handle the raw images from higher-end cameras--in particular Phase One's highly regarded medium-format models with up to 65-megapixel resolution, but other manufacturers' models as well. The pro version costs $399 or 299 euros, compared to $129 or 99 euros for the standard version, the Copenhagen-based company said.

Capture One Pro version has several features missing from the standard version: it can correct some lens problems such as distortion, purple fringing, vignetting, and chromatic aberration for several supported lenses from Carl Zeiss and Hasselblad; it can be used in a "tethered" mode connected directly to a camera as it takes photos; it supports use of multiple monitors; and it can be used to selectively adjust specific colors. And photographers can create customized styles that can be applied later to give a signature look.