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Perfect pie pieces, with a push

You can slice a pie with one push with the Progressive International Collapsible Pie Cutter.

Whenever I bake a pie, my husband threatens to pull out a protractor to make sure we get even slices. The Progressive International Collapsible Pie Cutter makes it possible to achieve perfect slices without having to go to all that trouble. You can add or remove dividers to the pie cutter so that when you place it on top of the pie and push down, you can get two, four, six, or eight even slices. With a little planning, you can even reconfigure the slicer so that you get uneven slices if, for instance, one guest wants just a smidgen of pie while another wants a double slice. After you push, just leave the pie cutter in place: an added bonus of the slicer is that it functions as a pie gate, keeping filling in place and fresh.

The Progressive International Collapsible Pie Cutter can easily be disassembled and run through the dishwasher. When the pieces are clean, they fit inside the accompanying storage box so you don't lose a blade in between pies. It works with pies measuring 8 to 9 inches across, although it isn't a perfect fit with all pie pans. The pie cutter is priced at $14.95.