Perfect pasta every time

There are plenty of variables when it come to cooking pasta, but the Perfect Pasta Timer accounts for all of them.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Perfect Pasta Timer Hammacher Schlemmer

Spaghetti cooks differently from macaroni. Different amounts of pasta require different cooking times. Heck, even choosing between al dente and regular can change how long your pasta needs to stay in the pot. The Perfect Pasta Timer offers a way to make sure that your pasta cooks just long enough, no matter what the variables are. The LCD panel on the timer lets you set the type of pasta from the 10 most common pasta shapes, choose how much pasta you're cooking and even select the doneness of your dinner. Once those important decisions are made, the Perfect Pasta Timer clips to the side of your pot so that the probe can monitor the temperature of the water your pasta is cooking in. The probe is 8.5 inches long, which is long enough for most pots.

When the water reaches the optimal temperature for cooking your pasta to your preference, it will signal you with a beep. The LCD panel is removable from the rest of the Perfect Pasta Timer, allowing you to run the parts that actually go in the pot with your pasta through the dishwasher. It does require a replaceable battery. The Perfect Pasta Timer is about $40.