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Pepper to the core

The Pepper Corer makes it simple to remove the seeds and core of a pepper with just a twist of the wrist.

The Pepper Corer Williams-Sonoma

Peppers can take a secondary role in many dishes, just by adding a little flavor and color. They can also take the primary role: stuffed peppers are a meal unto themselves. Either way, though, you'll have to spend some time coring peppers and making sure that seeds don't make it into your dish. The Pepper Corer is a tool designed to handle just that task: all you need to do is insert the curved edge into the pepper and then twist. The pepper's innards will come out easily and can be deposited in the trash. The blade has serrated teeth, along with ridges along the flat of the blade, which help handle all of the core at once.

The Pepper Corer offers an added bonus for those of us who like particularly hot peppers: the tool significantly reduces how much of the pepper we might have to clean by hand, reducing the risk that we'll accidentally touch our eyes or contaminate anything. And if you're thinking about making stuffed peppers, the Pepper Corer provides a simple way to avoid poking a hole through the bottom and watching all your stuffing leak out. The tool's handle is ergonomically shaped. The Pepper Corer is 7.75 inches long and is dishwasher-safe.