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Patio furniture for eating <i>in</i> the pool

The Swimming Pool Bistro Set is designed to be used in the shallow end of the pool.

If only all meals were served this way. Hammacher Schlemmer

Summer is officially here and that brings with it one thing for sure: heat. From time to time we cover outdoor grills and other alfresco food-related entertaining. A dining table for the backyard is still a dining table after all. Considering the heat is just getting started, I am drawn to this Swimming Pool Bistro Set from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Designed to be submerged in the shallow end of your pool, the patio furniture set seems to me long overdue. Tiny perforations are docked in the table and chairs, allowing water to get in and submerge the set. If used properly in a 3-foot deep section of the shallow end, the tabletop will rest 6 inches above the water line, allowing you and four others to relax comfortably, both in the water and out. A 7.5 foot umbrella tops the set, ensuring a cool shadow to complement the water.

In case you are thinking of just tossing your existing patio furniture into the pool, first consider that this set is made from rustproof powder-coated aluminum that is designed to resist exposure to pool chemicals and the sun. For protecting the base of the pool, the chairs and table utilize three-ply rubber feet. Ultimately though, I imagine a dining table of this design would see a lot of use. Not to worry, the set comes with a lifetime guarantee.