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Parrot Photo Viewer 7": Polly wants a bigger snapper

Forget all that analogue nonsense -- Parrot shows us where it's really at with the latest 7-inch digital photo frame

Here at Crave we're big fans of digital photo frames. We've already seen submissions from Philips, plus Parrot's own dainty 3.5-inch model, but this morning we took receipt of Parrot's far more convincing 7-inch version.

It has a tasteful leather bezel that's available in black or tan, which makes it much nicer than Parrot's initial batch of wooden-framed photo viewers we saw back in '06.

The spec for the screen has been increased from 320x234 pixels to 720x480, though it still only shows 262,144 colours -- about the same as your average mobile phone. Speaking of mobiles, the Photo Viewer 7" can receive pictures sent via Bluetooth. It's spectacularly easy to transfer your snaps from your mobile or PC. It can hold around 500 JPEG photos in its 512MB flash memory, which can be displayed in a slideshow mode or cycled though manually.

Our only gripes: it costs £134, plus it permanently needs to be connected to your power supply. Parrot really needs to fit a battery to these things. -RR